Project Type: Urban Architecture

Size: 406 Acres

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Professional Services: Architecture, Engineering and Planning

As many improvements are taking place around Downtown Fort Wayne, our neighborhoods which surround the downtown area must not be forgotten. In fact, over 100,000 residents cushion the downtown area in various neighborhoods; one of them being North Anthony Neighborhood which is a direct artery into the heart of our city.

Working with both residents and business owners in three distinct Fort Wayne neighborhoods, the North Anthony Neighborhood Improvement Plan crafted by Hoch is to be a guide book and inspirational piece to imagine the numerous possibilities of North Anthony neighborhood. Hoch spent the summer of 2016 working with hundreds of residents to better understand their neighborhood by completing over 700 surveys, countless site visits, hosting community engagement sessions and holding design charrettes.

Although the ideas presented are visionary, the plans were given to the neighborhood leadership to encourage business owners to make improvements to their storefronts and guide conversations with city leaders in an attempt to make the neighborhood a more vibrant and appealing place.