Project Type: Telecommunications Infrastructure, Optical Amplification & Colocation

Size: 1,960 s.f.

Location Chicago, Illinois to Carteret, New Jersey

Professional Services: Architecture, Civil, Structural, Cost Estimating and Construction Administration

Spread Networks is an ultra low-latency 825 mile direct fiber optic network between Chicago and New York. Spread Networks build a new fiber optic route from scratch on the straightest and shortest route possible to reduce the distance creating the fastest telecommunications connection possible. Hoch was responsible for the design, engineering and permitting for several 1,960 s.f. optical amplification & colocation facilities on the route. The facilities were located strategically to minimize amplification and regeneration requirements. Each facility was designed with fully redundant environmental mechanical systems and electrical power distribution systems. Locations include:

  • Indiana (2 Projects)
  • New Jersey (2 Projects)
  • Ohio (1 Project)
  • Pennsylvania (5 Projects)