Project Type: Nature Center/Education

Size: 6,500 s.f.

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Professional Services: Architecture, Engineering & Interior Design

Fox Island Nature and Learning Center, a prominent feature in the Allen County Parks department, was designed by Hoch for use as a recreation/education space featuring both administrative and exhibit areas. The facility includes both large and small classrooms, conference room, gift shop, education offices, Allen County Parks administrative offices and a variety of exhibits including the “Tree House.”

The crown jewel of this 605-acre park and wetlands is the nature center’s wetlands/wastewater treatment and disposal system designed by Hoch. Fox Island is very conscious in protecting the natural wildlife habitat of their site and they worked closely with Hoch to design the treatment and disposal system which is located just a few feet from the building. The system serves as an educational resource allowing all visitors to better understand sustainable wetlands/wastewater disposal and the ecology of the Little River Valley.