Hoch Associates is an Equal Opportunity Employer, is dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies at our firm. A leading architecture, engineering, urban and interior design firm, Hoch Associates has offices in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, Indiana. We will sometimes have an open position within our organization.


Hoch Associates is seeking a qualified Project Architect / Engineer to join our team in Fort Wayne and will assist in the completion of several projects ranging from Healthcare to Business and Education.

Requirements and Qualifications:

The project success, development and “project team”. Project budget Design & technical phases of the project. Quality control. Engineering coordination Coordination of consultants Owner/client interaction & coordination Marketing coordination Assistance with all Development of project personnel Obtain leads and pursue projects as needed Must have 3-5 years of architecture experience Licensed to practice in Indiana Duties & Responsibilities

The project architect (PA) is the organizer and oversight for the entire project. The PA is the professional in charge of the assigned project and is the individual that is responsible for all aspects of the project. The PA is the project leader that organizes and develops the project with the assigned project personnel & the office. Reporting

Directly to Sector Manager/ Senior Architect, Engineer & Principals. The PA will report to the project manager (The project manager, while being a project architect or engineer oversees one of the “Sectors” of work which is identified in the management organizational chart. The project manager & the PA will form the collaborative oversight for the project. The PA is ultimately responsible for the project while the Sector PM offers guidance, advice, support, opinion, assisting the PA in his day to day management duties. The project architect (PA) is responsible for the growth & development of his assigned team.

The position of (PA) is critical to the success of the project & corporation. Each individual projects success further establishes the corporation as a viable entity. The PA through his/her oversight & development of individual projects collectively with his/her fellow PA’s establishes the “core” of the corporation. The collaboration of the PA’s with the Sector Managers is a critical link between the individual project and the collective sector projects. It is where the coordination of staff utilization takes place. The PA while intent to achieve success on his/her individual project goals and needs understands the goals of the “sector” & the corporation in general.

For employment inquiries, please send cover letter, resume and portfolio/work combined into one single PDF (20MB) to