linh ngo

graduate ARCHITECT

As a graduate of Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning and the National University of Civil Engineering in Vietnam, Linh brings a wealth of knowledge in creating some of the most powerful 3-D Renderings in the state (Honors 2014 YAF Indianapolis Rendering Competition) and around the globe (Best Prize 2004 ASHUI- Honor The City Competition, Vietnam) which is an important step in the visualization and design process. His role at Hoch is to assist in presentation of design solutions for clients and bring the design to “life” through the construction document phase. Linh offers visualized design with cutting edge software and technology which greatly facilitates the decision making  process of the project. Linh has spent over a decade working in the architecture and construction site supervision fields both in Vietnam and Fort Wayne, IN. Outside of work, Linh enjoys relaxing with his wife and son along with visiting his family in Vietnam.