CenturyLink - Post, Texas

Hoch Associates provided full Architectural, Engineering and Project Management services on behalf of CenturyLink for the reconstruction of 50’ x 50’ colocation facility destroyed by wildfire. We provided complete assessment, demolition, and reconstruction documents. We also wrote the RFPs and administered the bid process for CenturyLink. The site was located in a remote area of Texas with no local or state permit authority. Hoch provided full project management, construction oversight, and inspections of the contractors work to ensure quality construction that was on schedule, within budget and met the design requirements.

CenturyLink - Corsicana, Texas

Substantial rainfall hit the central Texas region on October 23-24, 2015, and flooded the existing Corsicana ROW site. Water surpassed the 10-foot flood wall built outside the facility, overran the two sump pumps in the facility, washed out the tracks under the train and consequently caused a derailment, littering rail cars filled with cement along the area outside of the facility. A Disaster Recovery Trailer (DRT) with the necessary equipment was ordered for emergency shipment and placed alongside the ROW addition we just completed in 2015 on higher ground 500 feet away. The new addition survived the flood and train derailment, but does not have sufficient capacity to serve CL and all of the customers. This project adds three additional buildings alongside the new addition and includes:

  • Assist Network with the DRT placement and removal
  • Provides sufficient entrance electrical and AC for the new building and the buildings that will be moved
  • Provides for the relocation of temporary DRT power out of the construction area while maintaining the DRT equipment.
  • Provides 3 additional buildings required to house sufficient network equipment for CL and customers
  • Coordinates with Network to most effectively transition customers out of the flooded buildings
  • Decommissions the flooded site
  • Relocates the 2 remaining buildings to a nearby work center/warehouse in Athens, TX for future use anywhere we choose as well as interior demolition of the finishes and boarding up the 2 remaining building moved to the Athens, TX work center / warehouse

The site design is now 100% complete and approved by all of the appropriate stakeholders including Network Planning and Operation. This SOW requires the purchase of (1) new 12’ x 24’ precast building and relocate (2) existing 12’ x 24’ buildings. Upgrade the existing 600a service and existing generator with an 800a / 250kW service / generator and decom the two remaining shelters and Fort Compound components including flood walls, concrete slabs, generator and utility services. We will actually remove the remaining 2 shelters from the site and store them at a nearby CL location in Athens, TX. This will allow us to free up the DRT as soon as all of the CL services are landed in building #5. (This must be completed ASAP, well ahead of the hurricane season). This project requires an upgrade to an 800a AC Utility / 1 ph / 240v, 800a ATS and 250kW generator with a 48 hour belly tank.