Century link

Project Type: Commercial / Corporate Branding / Architectural Enhancements

Size: 15,150 s.f.

Location: Herndon, Virginia

Professional Services: Architecture & Interior Design

Status: Complete July 2018

CenturyLink approached HOCH due to our long lasting relationship we’ve created in our telecommunications sector. HOCH was approached to create a new, modern interior renovation of the space that reflected the company’s existing logo and also help create corporate branding of the national high security corporate center on the outskirts of Washington D.C. in Herndon, VA.

The renovation involved design and architectural enhancement features of 15,150 SF of offices, conferences rooms, meeting rooms and open office cubicles to broaden the corporate identity of CenturyLink and it’s brand on the east coast of the United States.

HOCH has been fortunate enough to help design and provide architectural/engineering services for CenturyLink at 39 locations in 19 states.